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Customer Service

Shipping & Delivery
In Hong Kong, we will either send out the merchandises through carrier or Hong Kong Post Service. Please note that the following area will charge more: To Macao, Taiwan and Mainland China, we will deliver using Hong Kong Post Service. All fees are based on HK Dollar.

Charges on delivery
Customers who purchase $ 400 in 1 order can enjoy free shipping.

Period of delivery
Unless otherwise specified, if the delivery address is within Hong Kong, it generally delivers within three working days. Shipping address (i.e. in Taiwan, mainland China) deliver around 4-7 working days.

Re-collect the merchandise
If the customer does not collect the merchandise, BQJ eShop will then send e-mail to inform the user to collect at the post office or a place to pick up in a later date. Please note that different locations have designated pickup period.
Refund & Exchange of merchandises
1.    In what circumstances can I apply for exchange?
  • The merchandise are damaged (with no human interfere)
  • The merchandise are not the one customers placed his/her order
  • The quantity of the merchandise are not matched to the order

2.    Within how long customers can apply for exchange or refund?
        7 days upon received.

3.    What are the circumstances that the merchandise cannot apply for exchange?
  • The package has been open
  • The merchandise are damaged under human interfere
  • Customers ask to exchange after the 7 days upon they have received the merchandise for exchange / refund.

4.    Are there items that are not available for exchange?
       Yes, personal health care / cosmo merchandise are not available for exchange in the moment.

5.    Do customers need to pay the mailing fee when they return the merchandise for exchange?
       Yes, customers are required to pay the mailing fee when they return the merchandise for exchange.

6.    Can customer apply for refund?
        Yes, customer can refund when the merchandise meets the requirement of the “apply for exchange”. However we will charge for administrative fee.

7.    Can I return the merchandise?
        No, BQJ eShop do not accept return of merchandise.

8.    When will I receive my exchanged merchandise?
       BQJ eShop will deliver the merchandise requested for exchange upon receiving the original merchandise from customers.
How to place order on BQJ eShop:
1.    Register as BQJ eShop member, if you have registered, login to your account
2.    Start browsing the eShop, select the merchandise you desire to buy, choosing the details of the merchandise (colors, size etc)
3.    Press “add to cart’
4.    After you have add the merchandises you desire, click “Go to Cart”
5.    Select payment (by PayPal or Credit Card) to proceed to check out.
6.    Fill in the required information
7.    Confirm the payment
8.    We will send you a confirmation email on your order, and proceed to arrange the delivery.
Members are provided the following option in the “Check Out” step:
1.    PayPal
2.    Credit Cards
3.    WeChat Payment / Alipay

Any inquiry regarding the above, you are welcome to send an email to us at . If users had placed orders, please specified your registered name, mobile and order number in the email.
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